Smoke On The Water

In 2017 there were terrible forest fires in northern California but the air quality didn’t suffer for most of the state. The weather was clearing out the bad air and no one needed masks unless they were sick.

Then this fall, another fire started up north (only 100 miles away) and near LA at the same time. Now there were fires above and below the Bay Area. A windless, rainless front dropped into the area and would not move. Our air quality was stagnant with smoke and haze for weeks making history. Even now I wait for the air to clear which is supposed to happen tomorrow when we finally get some rain-if we do get some rain.

Screenshot_20181109-085043_WeatherBugDon’t go outside! This was not the worst air day it got much worse. I couldn’t ride my bike for over a week until I bought N95 masks.

People not living here wonder how this could happen. For decades we had a horrible drought that killed trees, brush, and dried out our forests. When this second fire started the high winds scattered the fire with plenty of fuel to burn. Perfect fire weather.

Although we had a year in between of rain that restored lakes, rivers, and creeks in the state it didn’t stay green for long. Just as we were hoping the drought was over we had another dry year. After weeks of historically bad air quality, closures and warnings we’re told it might clear up the end of this week. Only then can we begin to figure out what happened and rebuild.


Me biking last Thursday. Behind me isn’t fog or cloudy, the air is that thick with smoke and bad chemicals. The sun was out you just can’t see it.


Wearing the masks made me happy for the first few rides. After I found out how irritating they are to wear I only rode 3 times with them on (meaning I only rode 3 times in weeks.) I had to keep stopping to wipe the sweat off of my face and dry off the inside of the mask. My sunglasses would fog at the worst times and be hard to wear. Drops of sweat would hang on the tip of my nose under the mask and at times felt itchy.  My nose would run. I saw only one other cyclist with a mask on-no wonder!


The windbag at Windsurfer’s Beach hangs limp for weeks. Coyote Point is the mass of trees to the right in the background. Further down the peninsula, the landmarks like San Francisco and the airport are lost in the smoke and bad air.

This week is Thanksgiving. I last rode my bike on Saturday and should have ridden yesterday but I couldn’t put the mask on. The landscape on these masked rides hasn’t been that pretty and I feel for the animals trying to go about their lives in this soup. Everything looks unfocused, the light is strange, colors not sharp and everything smells like smoke. I did see some of the regulars who ride the Bay Trail but were surprised to see them not wearing masks. The masks truly are hard to wear exercising but to me health is everything!

Even in our homes, our air is bad there’s no getting away from it. I wear masks everywhere I go even in my car but I don’t wear one at home. Having my bedroom window open all year helps me sleep better but all windows are shut tight until this is over. Anything you run in the home isn’t safe unless it’s on a closed loop. All one can do is wait and get through it.

This is the first time that I’ve missed weeks of biking. I’ve biked every other day 20-30 miles for almost 3 years and although I’m not in training, it’s like a training schedule. I like to stay in tip-top shape. Biking helps my depression and mood swings so it’s been difficult coping without it. I’m especially thankful that I didn’t lose everything in these terrible fires.

We have a few Spare The Air Days during the year but nothing like this. I hope the news is right and the weather does change tomorrow so all of us can have a good Thanksgiving and be thankful for the clean air and peace it brings.


Have you ever worn a mask exercising or lost time biking due to circumstances beyond your control? How frustrated were you?

Enjoy what you do have, count your blessings and be thankful!

Author: Bekkie Sanchez

I was brought into this world wanting to describe it and poetry chose me. I live to create, read and ride my bicycle. Music keeps me grounded. If you like my work it makes it all worthwhile.

4 thoughts on “Smoke On The Water”

  1. Hey! Beckie, I have been concerned for all the folks in California experiencing these fires. Sometimes it is hard to imagine how far reaching the effects are. My daughter Sarah was having trouble with the smoke from the fires in early summer and she lives in Seattle. I understand the frustration of not being able to bike. Betsy and I did ride 50 miles the Friday before Thanksgiving but with weather and family in town I haven’t biked since. My prayers are with all of you and pray the Lord will move to end this disaster. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You did it! Sorry this took time to see but I get so few comments here I missed it.

      I’m so happy the fire is over, our drought is over and people are starting to heal. We got record rains this year (and snowfall) so of course we are thrilled. Your prayers helped.

      How are you and Betsy doing? 50 miles is excellent! They’ve been doing more studies on daily exercise and it’s all good news for people our age. Biking is so good because it’s aerobic and it gets us outside. Something like this can make us 10 years younger on the inside!

      May is National Bike Month so I want you and Betsy to do what it takes to ride this month! Big hug!!


  2. Bekkie, I stwith you for the last two years when I became a follower of yours on social media. My last ride was Aug 12, 2018. Had a hard fall and injured myself. It’s gotten colder here in Alabama and a few medical issues as kept me off the trail. I miss the wind in my face and the relaxed feeling after those rides. There the air quality isn’t at its best due to the fires but you still managed to get a few rides in. I hope I’ll be able to get back on my Trek and ride again. Thank you for the inspiration.



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    1. I’m so sorry I didn’t see this sooner but I’m so used to having no comments that it got by me! I’m so happy to hear from you! I love hearing from my readers and wish it’d happen more often. I’m here for you!

      Where do I know you from? (What social media?) If you don’t mind. Sad that G+ closed isn’t it?

      Have you got back on your Trek since you wrote this? I hope so because I know first-hand how a fall can make you feel. You start to doubt yourself and can be scared to start again. I fall a lot when I’m getting on or off of my bike because my knees are so bad. I took some physical therapy, practiced and finally got better at it but it still makes my heart beat fast sometimes.

      I hope you are back on your bike because there’s too many good reasons to get regular exercise especially on a bicycle! The studies on daily exercise recently are all great reasons to keep it up. It can make us 10 years younger than our natural age and more!

      May is National Bike Month so I hope you can make it the month you get back to your Trek. (Those are nice bikes!)

      Please keep me posted! I promise to answer faster this time. Any help you need just drop me a line. Big hug!


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